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A freewheeling comedian determined to save her family business invites an uptight entrepreneur on a road trip to sell a van with a complicated history. Romance ignites on their three day trip south, but is tested as they discover each other's secrets. When the van sale deteriorates, they must decide if their very new connection is worth more than a very old van.

Will Dennis
Will Dennis
Tom Atwell
Tom Atwell
Colorist Notes

Vanilla is the type of film I love to be a part of. Just do it. Grab your camera and make a movie! Will put this together by himself and enlisted the help of his friends. Wrote and directed. The classic indie movie!

This was a tough grade! Tom the DP is a stellar shooter, but they had only the a7sii, hardly any lights and people to help. I used everything I could in the grade to make it shine. And you know what? Most people wouldn't be able to tell I think:)

Previously Will had gone to a big famous color house but it wasn't looking good so he reached out to me for a second opinion. I agreed. The a7sii is a challenging camera, but still, we could do way better.

The I recieved the files I saw that it was all baked in proxies!!! The first step in good color is to get your workflow in order, which we promptly did.


I love the pluck and the DP work here. This movie holds a special place in my heart. I love grading little cameras to look big!